Tropical Island 2013


We have the 30. of march today and it's cold outside.
I have learned that northern germany is under the unfluence of the North Atlantic and the Gulf stream and therefore the summers are not that hot and the winters not that cold.
This year the winter will not go. It is not that cold, but for over three months now just below 0°C / 32°F.
And there is snow. So much snow. We haven't so much snow since the last 26 years. And not in spring.
It's very unusual. And now it's easter. This is traditional the starting of the boating season here.
But not this year. I think that have to wait for some more weeks.
But what to do, to avoid the winter depression?
Friends of us decided to take some holidays and were flying to Houston / Texas and from there with a car down to the coast. But this was not an option for us, because of missing holidays and we have to fly to Seattle in June for the wedding of my sister.
We remembered some stories about 'Tropical Island' and thought 'good choice, let's drive to this location'.
So we booked a hotel room near the 'Island' and drove the 400 kilometers from Hamburg to some kilometers behind Berlin on thursday evening.
This is the look from our hotel room on friday morning. It was snowing... much snowing.

Here is the frozen easter bunny in front of the hotel.

We started early, because the receptionist said it will be very crowded if we arrive after 9:00.

This is the hotel. Very ugly from outside and in the middle of nowhere. Next Supermarket is 12 kilometers away.
But the Island is only 8 kilometers.
But very nice inside, large rooms and also over easter relatively cheap.

Because of the early start we had no waiting time. But we heard that the later guest had to wait up to 4 hours.
We arrived the place where the hall of the Tropical Island is and the first thought was 'Wow, is this big'
The hall where the Island is located in, is the biggest self-supporting hall in the world.
It was initally build for building zeppelins / airships, but with no success.
Until this day I thought everything is ten times bigger in the US. But not this hall. It's so big that you can fly with a balloon inside.

And around 11:00 it was very crowded on the beach where we were. But there is much space around.

You can wander around in the biggest inside rain forest of the world.

The island here is one of the show stages. But there was no show on this stage today.

There are some birds inside the rain forest and the village.

This is a view from a hill down to the village. The Island is open for 24 hours and you can rent a hut here.

Sure, there are some water slides along with a splash zone for childrens.

This is one of the huts to rent.

There are also two campgrounds inside, where you can rent a tent.

Along the village are some water action for childrens. These are pirate boats with water cannons.

This is the restaurant where we had our evening meal.

The balloon is not hanging from the ceiling, but it's a real balloon, filled with helium. There are some ropes going down to a man who is 'driving' the balloon. Before you start with the balloon you will be weighted, to get the balloon in the right balance and then the guide is wandering around the hall with the ropes and the balloon.
We will do this next time.

Between the restaurants and the mall are some small fish bassins with Koi's.

The starting place of the balloon.

The main street and part of the mall.

A pond with some flamingos...

And a pond with turtles.

In the evening we went to the theater and visited the show. You have to pay it extra and it costs 15,- € per person. We thought it's cheap and don't expected something special. Maybe some semi professional street artist.
But we learned that these are highly trained pro's. It was a great show and more than worth the money.
I will add a small video from my photo. Sorry for the cheap quality.

As a result we can say, that we will visit the Tropical Island again, maybe with some more family members. But the next time we will stay inside for the night.

At last the link to the offical Website: